National Family Law Pathways
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Family Law Pathways Networks

is a national program for professionals working with families who are separating, or have separated. It is funded by the Attorney-General’s Department. The aim is to support practitioners to work collaboratively, maintain strong working relationships and develop appropriate referral mechanisms, across the broader Family Law system.

There are many Family Law Pathways Networks across Australia –
covering most urban and rural centres.
Find your network under the National Networks tab above.

These Networks coordinate events and the development and distribution of resources. Membership of the Pathways Network is free. To Join, and receive the password to the Members Section, please communciate with the contact person listed in the network that covers your area.

Please assist us in helping Australia’s families, by working together to support those facing the chhallenges of separation. 

View our Pathways Movie below to see what the Family Law Pathways Network works to achieve:

Pathways the Movie

If you have any questions regarding this website or The Family Law Pathways Network, please contact the website moderator HERE