Family Law Pathways

Who are the Family Law Pathways Network? 

For a family who is separating, or have separated, there can be many practical and emotional issues encountered. Receiving timely and appropriate advice is crucial to helping them respond to their situation.

Family Law Pathways Networks is a national program for professionals working with these families, and is funded by the Attorney-General’s Department. Our aim is to support practitioners to work collaboratively, maintain strong working relationships and develop appropriate referral mechanisms, across the broader Family Law system. We aim to work together to assist Australian families who are experiencing the challenges of separation. 

This website is developed and co-ordinated by over 30 Pathways Networks across Australia, as a resource to direct members to their relevant Network in their state, and to provide national resources and information. 

The Family Law Pathways Network is open to all who work with separating or separated families who are interested in strengthening relationships with other practitioners and professionals. Our networks provide professional development and networking opportunities, resource development and support for members. 

Membership of the Pathways Network is free, and you participate as you wish.

Let us assist you in helping Australia’s families, together. 

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