In the midst of the initial emergence of COVID-19 in 2020, each regional Family Law Pathways Network from around the country collaborated to develop a webinar series open to all Family Law Pathways Network members nationally, so they could continue to provide high quality professional development and education during this time.

These regular webinars were highly successful and become a nationally based source of education, communication, discussion and community connection between professionals across the broader Australian family law sector.

Based on the success of these webinars, and overwhelming support from Family Law Pathways members, the national cohort has committed to continue to provide the National Webinar Series, now on a quarterly basis.

If you would like to know more about the National Webinar Series, please email 

The National Family Law Pathways Network – Webinar Series

The National Family Law Pathways Networks in collaboration with Attorney-General’s Department invite you to participate in this webinar series.

The Attorney-General’s Department will facilitate a series of webinars on the Family Law Amendment Act 2023 (Cth), in the lead up to the commencement of important changes to the parenting framework and other key provisions on 6 May 2024.

For the full series details, you can download the flyer here.

You can view the webinars online:

  • Webinar 1: Family Law Amendment Act Changes, view online here.
  • You can view the PowerPoint slides from Webinar 1 here.

In the first Webinar of the series, Rebecca Mills, Ag/Assistant Secretary, Family Law Branch, will provide an overview of the legislation with a focus on what family law professionals now need to know when considering parenting arrangements and the child’s best interests. Attendees will be invited to submit their key questions on the practical implications of the reforms to be discussed and answered by panels of experienced judges, registrars, legal practitioners and family dispute resolution practitioners later in the series.

  • Webinar 2: Focus on Legal Practice, view online here.

This panel discussion will provide judge, registrar and legal practitioner perspectives on the legal practice implications of the Family Law Amendment Act changes, with a focus on what practitioners need to know to advise on the new parenting framework and other key changes.

  • Webinar 3:  Family Law Amendment Act Changes – Panel Discussion, view online here.
  • You can view the Powerpoint slides from Webinar 3 here.

This panel session will explore the practical implications of the family law changes for those providing family dispute resolution and other services to families outside of the court setting. The panel will include family dispute resolution practitioner and court child expert perspectives.

  • Webinar 4 – First Nations perspectives, view online here.
  • You can view the Powerpoint slides from Webinar 4 here.

This panel will discuss the implications of the family law changes for those supporting First Nations families, incorporating perspectives from legal practice and mediations.

Reimagining Just and Safe Outcomes for Child and Adult Victims of Domestic Violence in the Family Law System in Australia

Angela Lynch AM CEO Women’s Legal Service QLD

In light of the tragic murders of Hannah Clarke and her children, Women’s Legal Service Queensland called for a number of legal reforms, including the removal of the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility from the Family Law Act because of its danger to victims of violence and their children. Just recently, in response to these calls, the Honourable Graham Perrett MP, Member for Moreton, introduced a bill into federal parliament on these terms.

In this webinar, Angela speaks to these issues and explores more fully the reasons behind the need for the change with specific reference to her learnings and experience as a member of the QLD Domestic and Family Violence Death Review and Advisory Board.