Family Law Pathways Networks, existing across all regions and territories of Australia, are often governed by law specific to their area. However, much of the work professionals undertake in the broader family law sector is informed by legislation, research and guidance from several national agencies.

Our eLibrary provides Family Law Pathways Network members nationally with National resources to inform best practice and knowledge in all areas of family law.

If members have any suggestions of useful information to be included on this page, please contact website moderators at taspathwaysofficer@reltas.com.au.

Judgements: https://www.fcfcoa.gov.au/judgments

Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Video Resources:

Fact and Information Sheets:

Information for all families – whether together or separated – about family relationship issues.  Find out about a range of services to assist families manage relationship issues, including helping families agree on arrangements for children after parents separate.

Legal Aid

Each State and Territory has a Legal Aid, funded by the Australian Government to provide free and subsidised legal assistance. The national website provides important information about this service, and information on how to contact your local legal aid commission.


Women’s Legal Service Australia Tasmania

Women’s Legal Services Australia is a national network of community legal centres specialising in women’s legal issues, as part of the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC). Women’s Legal Service Australia provides assistance to women accessing justice, particularly matters regarding family law and family violence, via the provision of advice, information, casework and legal education in legal centres throughout its network in Australia.


Family Violence Law Help

This website has been created by National Legal Aid for people affected by domestic and family violence to provide information and assistance and pathways to services.


1800 Respect

Information, Support Service and Referral to Services for women experiencing family violence, via online and telephone counselling and support.


MensLine Australia

Information, Support and Referral Pathways for men, including online, video and telephone counselling and support.