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Family Law Pathways

The Greater Hobart Family Law Pathways Network is based in Hobart and geographically covers the southern half of Tasmania (south of Oatlands) As such it services approximately half of the state population (currently just over 500,000)

This network has been funded since 2008 and existed informally since 2006 guided by interested professionals.

The network provides 3-4 major PD events per year as well as smaller network meetings, generally in member's workplaces. The harnessing of ICT has been a feature in the last few years with the development of a comprehensive on-line presence.

The current Annual Work Plan has five approved activities.

Services Include:
  • Membership Drive - aiming to increase registered members state-wide past 230.
  • Website Maintenance and Development - improving service directory and making more PD - TV programs
  • Newsletter - 20 eEditions spaced from February to Late November in cooperation with Launceston and Northern Tasmania Network.
  • Face To Face Meetings -"Pathways on Tour" meetings getting first hand experience of different workplaces and services available .
  • Special events - formal seminars with the likes of Rosie Batty, Steve Biddulph and AIFS researchers



How to Contact:

Contact: Alona Hunter

Phone: 1300 364 277



20 Clare Street
North Hobart, TAS, 7008

Mailing Address:
20 Clare Street, North Hobart, 7008

Opening Hours:
All except Wed

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