The South Australian Family Law Pathways Network is based in Adelaide and covers all of metropolitan and regional areas of South Australia.

Prior 2003, the South Australian Pathways Network existed on an informal basis, where a number of interested professionals from various stakeholders in the family law sector would meet regularly to exchange ideas and form collaborative relationships for the betterment of separated or separating families in South Australia. The South Australian Family Law Pathways Network was officially established in 2003, funded by the Federal Attorney General, as an attempt to fill the need for an integrated family law system to assist separating parents’ access information and services in South Australia.

The South Australian Family Law Pathways Network has a number of existing projects approved by way of the Annual Work Plan to ensure information and collaboration reaches as many professionals in the family law sector as possible, which include:

Services Include:

  • Continue to develop and maintain a range of SA Pathways information resources, including preparing monthly Wait lists for major services, the SA Pathways website, preparing a quarterly Newsletter and Parenting and Relationship Service Directories each school term; liaising regularly with Pathways wider membership via email correspondence regarding ( but not limited to) upcoming events, training and professional development opportunities:
  • Continue to staff the SA Family Information and Referral Service at the Adelaide Family Law Courts:- ” The Pathways Kiosk”
  • Continued promotion of SA Pathways and Kiosk with the Adelaide based law schools (including tours of Kiosk by family law students) and the SA Law Society Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. Continued promotion of Pathways and Kiosk in Law Society ‘ In Brief’ and Bulletin magazine;
  • Distribution of the SA Pathways publication: ‘ Parenting after Separation Booklets’ ( 2nd Edition) in SA and nationally. Continued distribution of SA Pathways produced resources via Kiosk, online and via hardcopy;
  • Hosting an Annual Forum each and throughout the year a mini’ series Information and Professional Development sessions for workers in the family law sector;
  • Conducting quarterly ‘Walking in their Shoes’ tours for professionals who work in the family law sector and/or allied fields.
  • Commencing a pioneer pilot project: – Young Peoples Family Law Advisory Group. The SA Family Law Pathways Network successfully sought an additional grant from The Broadley Trust of $20,000.00 to undertake
  • Continued monthly meetings with SA Family Law Pathways Network members and a bi-annual CEO Briefing with major stakeholders.


Contact: Ruth Beach

Phone: 08 8216 3252

Other Phone: 08 8419 2000

Mobile: 0407 317 376



Address: 1st Floor, 161 Flinders Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Mailing Address: 1st Floor , 161 Flinders Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Opening Hours: Monday- Wednesday 9am-5pm. Kiosk open Monday- Wednesday 9.30am-1pm.

Disability Access: Yes